Important Minerals For Body Building

Important Minerals For Bodybuilding To Gain The Optimum Shape and Body

To keep fit and look dashing, men usually opt for bodybuilding as a way to increase their muscles and make their body look as glamorous as possible. However, bodybuilding is not as easy or simple as it seems where a person would just go on lifting weights, rather, it has become a science and very little factors also contribute to it.

The science of bodybuilding has expanded a lot and numerous factors have come into play of which the bodybuilders were ignorant previously. An increase in human growth hormone, as per latest development is both a result of bodybuilding as well as helpful in bodybuilding. Similarly, several minerals can help in bodybuilding. The lines below from a legit sources bodybuilding website, give detail of such important minerals.


Potassium is one of the important minerals required by the body. Basically it’s an electrolyte that is found in muscle cells. It works in close relation with sodium pertaining to regulation of water in body. Potassium has a great role to play when it comes to contraction of muscles by facilitating the electrical potential of the body with the help of muscle cells and nerves. When it comes to bodybuilding, the following important roles are played by potassium:

  • Potassium helps in glycogen storage which stores energy in the muscles for high muscle exertion during bodybuilding.
  • With sodium, potassium helps retain the fluid levels, which if not retained can cause serious damage to the body during bodybuilding.
  • If there is minimal intake of potassium, then the fluid levels could not be retained during bodybuilding, resulting in cramps, general weakness and dehydration.

Most of the sweet foods contain potassium mineral. The roles of potassium mentioned above Therefore, it is imperative that a bodybuilder learn as much about potassium as possible.


Copper is another mineral that is important for bodily functions, especially when it comes to bodybuilding. The reason why copper is important for body is that it helps in transportation of oxygen in the blood stream. The mineral had been previously ignored, but latest research has proved its significance from bodybuilding perspective.

The researches have proven that copper is of extreme importance during bodybuilding. The mineral possesses enzymatic reaction properties, thus when body building, its quantity increases in the bloodstream leading to better contraction of muscles. However, when it comes to consumption of copper, it needs to be monitored by a physician, as access of it may prove harmful to the body.


It is another mineral that is important especially from bodybuilding perspective. It is not a commonly discussed mineral. Basically it possesses non-electrolytic properties and plays a great role in body building. In bodybuilding, the sulfate in vanadium enhances the distribution of oxygen to body cells, as a result of which more energy is delivered to tissues, thus resulting in greater muscle making. There is still no clear understanding about the consumption of vanadium; however, scientists are sure of its importance in bodybuilding.


The name says it all. Iron performs the primary function of transporting oxygen to the body parts. In bodybuilding, iron by supplying oxygen to body parts, increases the recovery process, thus bringing more energy to the muscles for intensive workout. Compared to women, iron is more important for bodybuilding men. It is as important for them, as testosterone replacement therapy is beneficial for low t-levels in men. Therefore, bodybuilders, both male and female, especially males should understand and realize the importance of iron.

Bottom Line

In short, the importance of mineral cannot be ignored for the performance of normal bodily functions. However, pertaining to bodybuilding, a bodybuilder needs to know about the minerals that help in workout and the right amount of each mineral to gain the optimum shape and body.